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How powerful is the US Air Force

Hello friends, I hope everyone is well. Today I will tell you about the US Air Force.

How powerful is the US Air Force?

the power of us air force Founded18 September 1947 (74 years) as independent service। 1 August 1907
(114 years, 2 months). (as Aeronautical Division, U.S. Signal Corps)

Country United StatesTypeAir force[2]RoleAir superiority
Global integrated intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance
Rapid global mobility
Global strike

american air force army
american air force army

Command and controlSize326,855 active duty personnel
152,231 civilians[3] 
69,056 reserve personnel[4]
107,414 air national guard personnel[5] 
5,047 manned aircraft[6] 
406 ICBMs[7] 

Part ofUnited States Armed Forces
 Department of the Air ForceHeadquartersThe Pentagon 
Arlington County, Virginia,

U.S.Motto(s)”Aim High … Fly-Fight-Win”[8]
“Integrity first, Service before self, Excellence in all we do”[9]ColorsUltramarine blue, Golden yellow[10]
   March”The U.S. Air Force” Play (help·info)Anniversaries18 SeptemberEquipmentList of U.S. Air Force equipmentEngagements

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See list

Mexican Expedition (As Aviation Section, U.S. Signal Corps)

World War I (As Aviation Section, U.S. Signal Corps and Army Air Service)

World War II (As USAAF)

Korean War

Lebanon Crisis

Second Taiwan Strait Crisis

Quemoy and Matsu Islands

Vietnam Assistance

Congo Crisis

Berlin Crisis

Vietnam War

Laotian Civil War

Cuban Missile Crisis

Congo – Operation Dragon Rouge

Dominican Civil War – Operation Power Pack

Korean DMZ Conflict

Cambodian Campaign

Communist insurgency in Thailand
Cambodia – Operation Eagle Pull

Vietnam – Operation Frequent Wind

Mayaguez Operation

us air force unit
us air force unit

Grenada – Operation Urgent Fury

Lebanese Civil War

Persian Gulf – Operation Earnest Will

Libya – Operation El Dorado Canyon

Panama – Operation Just Cause

Southwest Asia Conflict

Somali Civil War

Haiti – Operation Uphold Democracy
Kosovo Campaign

Afghanistan Campaign

Global War on Terrorism

Iraq Campaign
Operation Inherent Resolve[11]

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