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[Best] Miyako Air Cooler price in Bangladesh 2022

Hello friends, I hope everyone is well. Today I have come up with a wonderful thing to make summer time more comfortable for you. That is the price and review of Miyako Air Cooler 2022. Buy Miyako brand air coolers to get cool air in summer. Your shop or restaurant is feeling very hot this summer! Due to which the customer does not want to go! This can cause you a lot of damage. But if you install an air cooler then you will not have this problem. Its height is 49 inches, round 50 inches, weight 22 kg. Its body is made of plastic, and the control panel is at the very top of the Touch system. The air comes out with the lovers. Water is measured at the very bottom. There are four wheels on which the whole body stands. And can be easily moved. The tank is at the bottom. Honeycomb cooling media can be opened. The remote control is different.Miyako This air cooler is used in homes, offices, shops, restaurants, etc. The front two wheels have to be locked while using. Water should be poured according to MAX written on the body. You need to use the control panel to increase and decrease the speed. If you switch it on, it will work from Middle speed. Pressing normal will continue to rotate in low, middle, high, low circles. Pressing Sleep will move from middle to high, middle, low to high circle. The speed of the fan can be increased or decreased through speed. Used for U / D swing up and down. Used to rotate l / R swing right to left.

Miyako Air Cooler Price List 2022:

  • Miyako Air Cooler A950
    Miyako Air Cooler A950
    ৳ 12600


    • Power 180 W
    • Air delivery 1500 M3/Hr
    • Air throw distance 25 Ft
    • Net weight 11.80 Kgs, gross weight 14.80 Kgs
    • Water tank capacity 34 Ltrs
    • Honey comb pads for high cooling
    • Water level indicator
    • Large water reserve – 34 Ltr
    • 5 castor wheels for smooth
    • Heavy duty turbo motor
    • Water drain plug 

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    • Miyako Air Cooler A1250
    Miyako Air Cooler A1250
    ৳ 13800


    • Power 180W
    • Air delivery 1500 M3/Hr
    • Air throw distance 25 Ft
    • Net Weight 10.72 Kgs, gross weight 13.30 Kgs
    • Water tank capacity 20 Ltrs
    • 4 way air deflection system
    • Special honey comb evaporative pads
    • 3 speed control
    • Water level indicator
    • Castors wheels for easy mobility
    • Fan speed control

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