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[আজকের দাম] marcel charger fan price in bangladesh 2022

The pages of the calendar have turned and spring has passed and summer has arrived. Although it is summer with two months of Baisakh-Jaishtha, six months out of 12 months of Bangladesh are extremely hot. Due to extreme heat during summer we are not living in the house. On the other hand, due to various types of storms and rains during the summer, power outages occur for a long time. Due to power outages in rural areas of the country, people prefer to use ceiling fans as well as charger fans. A power outage can cause you to overheat when the electric ceiling fan is turned off. You’ll definitely want to use a charger fan because of this extreme heat

marcel charger fan price list 2022 :

Marcel M17OA-AS (Stand-Blue, Base-Blue) Charger Fan

Marcel M17OA-AS (Stand-Blue, Base-Blue) Charger Fan
Tk 4,200.00
Brand: Marcel
Category: Charger Fan
Model: M17OA-AS (Stand-Blue, Base-Blue) Charger Fan
Price: Tk. 4,200.00
Features Rated Voltage: AC 220V

Rated RPM:1385 RPM
Air Delivery at Rated Voltage:16 CMM
Rated frequency:50Hz
Rated Input in Watt:30W
Size of Fan:17″
Fan Maximum Speed: Approx5 m/s
Fan Motor: DC 12V
Charging Time: 8 -10 Hours.
Battery Specification: Rechargeable Lead Acid 12V4.5 Ah
LED Light Specification: Super Bright White LED 0.056WX2
Run Time of the Battery
High Speed: Approx3 Hours
Low Speed: Approx6 Hours
Natural Speed
LED Light: Approx 90Hours

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Marcel M17OA-EM-MS (Stand-White, Base-White) Charger Fan

Marcel M17OA-EM-MS (Stand-White, Base-White) Charger Fan
Tk 3,690.00
Brand: Marcel
Category: Charger Fan
Model: M17OA-EM-MS (Stand-White, Base-White)
Price: Tk. 3,690.00

Size: 430mm (17”)
Rated voltage: AC220V
Rated RPM: 1385
Rated Frequency: 50 Hz
Battery: Rechargeable Lead Acid 12V 4.5Ah
Rated Input: 30 watt
Fan Motor: DC 12V
Charging Time: 8-10 Hours
LED Light: Super bright white led 0.056W X 2
Battery Running Time:
High Speed: 3 Hours (Approx)
Natural Speed: 3.5 Hours (Approx)
Low Speed: 6.0 Hours (Approx)
LED Light: 90 Hours

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Marcel M17OA-MS (Stand-Blue, Base-Blue) Charger Fan

Marcel M17OA-MS (Stand-Blue, Base-Blue) Charger Fan
Tk 4,100.00
Brand: Marcel
Category: Charger Fan
Model: M17OA-MS (Stand-Blue, Base-Blue)
Price: Tk. 4,100.00

Rated Voltage :AC 220 V
Rated RPM:1385
Rated frequency: 50 Hz
Rated Input: 30W
Maximum Air velocity: 5 m/s
Fan motor: DC 12V
Charging time: 8-10 hours
Battery description: Rechargeable sealed lead acid 12V 4.5Ah
LED light description: Super bright white LED .056W X2
Battery running time
High speed: 3 Hours(Approx)
Low speed:6 Hours(Approx)
Natural Speed:3.5 Hours(Approx)
LED light:90 Hours

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